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When we think of ambulances, we think of emergencies and life-threatening situations. But did you know that there are some cases in which you can schedule ambulance services in advance for non-medical issues and even special events. This is something that many future patients don’t know about because they aren’t certain about what services their insurance will cover. If you know that you need help getting to the hospital for issues related to your health, know that it doesn’t have to be in an emergency setting. Please give us a call to discuss your transportation options 614-626-0466.

Welcome to AmeriKare

We are one of the largest providers in the Central Ohio area yet we still provide the small company service. We provide Emergency and Non-Emergency Transportation 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Why Use AmeriKare

AmeriKare is unlike many private ambulance companies. We see our responsibilities through the eyes of our patients and customers. We know that clinical care must be based on knowledge, training and expertise and that equipment, technologies and systems must be up to date at all times. We see our ambulance services as an extension of your quality of care, and we deliver it 24 hours a day 7 days a week for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, dialysis centers, and private patients across Ohio.

We have listed below a summary of services provided

  • Advanced Life Support<br /> (paramedic staffed)

    Advanced Life Support
    (paramedic staffed)

  • Basic Life Support<br /> (EMT staffed)

    Basic Life Support
    (EMT staffed)

  • Wheelchair <br />Transport


  • Ventilator


  • Medication <br /> Drips


  • Routine <br />Transports


  • Out of Area <br />Transports

    Out of Area

  • Special<br /> Event / Standby

    Event / Standby

  • Open door policy  to upper <br /> management and billing specialists

    Open door policy to upper
    management and billing specialists

We are here to help with your transportation needs. Contact our Dispatch center 24 hours a day with your questions 614-626-0466

Our Vision

In a world where large corporate health care transitions, hollow sales tactics, And eroding customer service seem to take precedence, AmeriKare is committed to a different path. We are focused on providing quality patient care and prompt, courteous service, as well as dedicating ourselves to our employees and our future.

Our Mission

AmeriKare’s mission is to administer patient care with knowledge, fostering an atmosphere of compassion, integrity, and professionalism, recognizing and satisfying the specific needs of each individual and improving the quality of life.

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