Bariatric Standards of Transport

State of Ohio EMT Adult Bariatric Guidelines

Following is a summary of the guidelines for transferring and transporting bariatric patients.
The “State of Ohio Emergency Medical Services Adult Guidelines and Procedures Manual” states the following:

  • Any patient weighing more than three-hundred (300) pounds will require two (2) full crews to transport patient. This will mean a four (4) person team.
  • AmeriKare will add one (1) additional crew member for every fifty (50) to one-hundred (100) pounds over three-hundred fifty (350) pounds, to assist in safe lifting and movement of the patient.
  • The patient is to be loaded on a cot that is in the down position, and the cot is to be kept in the down position at all times while transporting.
  • Two (2) EMS personnel are to accompany the patient in the transport vehicle.  If additional personnel are needed, they must travel in a separate vehicle.

Due to the additional crews needed to transport bariatric patients, an additional fee will be charged for each leg of the trip and for each additional crew member needed. Please call us for fees.